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How Can Key Fob Audits Make Your Condo or Apartment Building Safer?

An electronic access system for a residential building is a big help in promoting building security. Managers can disable keys as soon as they learn about unauthorized use, and they can control what areas of a building residents will have access to. However, managers need to be conscientious about periodically auditing their access control systems


How To Prevent an Argument from Becoming Physical

Everyone gets into a dispute now and again: siblings, parents, friends and even strangers. While disagreements are unavoidable, physical altercations are usually preventable. If you find yourself in a heated argument, consider a few pieces of advice about how and why to keep a conflict from turning into a fight. Know the Consequences Physical quarrels

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Commercial Trucker Guideline for Mastering a Police Pullover

Trucking is a fast-paced industry. In the business, commercial truckers are charged with getting their loads to their locations to meet demanding schedules. As a driver, you might feel it necessary to push speed limits in order to meet some deadlines. As a consequence, you face the possibility of being pulled over by state troopers


Types of Boat Lifts

As a responsible boat owner, you know the importance of boat maintenance and preservation. You’re ready to take the steps to ensure your boat stays in working order for the long haul.  One of those steps is purchasing and installing a lift to keep your boat out of harm’s way. There are different types of marine


Three Reasons to Recycle Your Electronics

Electronic devices, like computers, laptops and phones, are being improved at an extraordinary rate. New versions come out almost monthly, and many people scramble to have the latest improvements. But, what happens to the old devices? In many cases, people toss them directly into the trash. Landfills are unfortunately filling up with these dangerous discarded

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Tips to Choose the Best Moving Company for the Job

Selecting the right moving company is challenging. In fact, in 2012, the BBB received more than 7,700 complaints about moving services in the U.S. Most of the complaints were from alleged damaged or lost property. Other complaints included companies that did not honor their estimates, arriving late (or not at all), or charging for un-worked

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