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How Can Key Fob Audits Make Your Condo or Apartment Building Safer?

An electronic access system for a residential building is a big help in promoting building security. Managers can disable keys as soon as they learn about unauthorized use, and they can control what areas of a building residents will have access to. However, managers need to be conscientious about periodically auditing their access control systems


How To Prevent an Argument from Becoming Physical

Everyone gets into a dispute now and again: siblings, parents, friends and even strangers. While disagreements are unavoidable, physical altercations are usually preventable. If you find yourself in a heated argument, consider a few pieces of advice about how and why to keep a conflict from turning into a fight. Know the Consequences Physical quarrels

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Commercial Trucker Guideline for Mastering a Police Pullover

Trucking is a fast-paced industry. In the business, commercial truckers are charged with getting their loads to their locations to meet demanding schedules. As a driver, you might feel it necessary to push speed limits in order to meet some deadlines. As a consequence, you face the possibility of being pulled over by state troopers

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