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4 Signs You Have a Rodent Problem

The last thing you want to learn is that you’ve got rodents living in your home, but it happens to thousands of people each year. Suddenly, you have to wash down everything in your kitchen and you’re sleeping with one eye open. Instead of being taken by surprise, learn to recognize the telltale signs of pests. Here are four signs you’re dealing with a rodent problem.

1. Scratching in the Walls

Awakening to the sound of scratching inside the walls is unnerving. Since mice are nocturnal, you’ll hear them inside walls and under floorboards at night. If you have roof rats, you’ll probably hear them scampering above your head in the attic. Unfortunately, it’s usually never just one animal, but several that you’re hearing. Identify the area where you hear scratching so you can point it out to a rodent exterminator Fort Myers FL.

2. Scattered Droppings

Perhaps the most obvious sign of rodent activity is finding droppings. You’ve probably seen mouse droppings that are tiny, dark brown and pointed. Rat droppings, however, can be up to 3/4-inch long. Rats produce between 20 and 50 droppings per day, so if you’re dealing with an infestation, it won’t be difficult to detect. Mice and rodents can spread hantavirus, so never touch droppings with bare hands.

3. Agitated Pets

If you have cats or dogs, they’ll likely pick up on a rodent problem before you do. When your pet is scratching at a particular wall or curiously lurking around the same spot, chances are they’ve spotted something. Cats are especially adept at sniffing out mice and rats, plus they have sharp vision after dark. Some pets are frightened of mice and if they’re acting strangely agitated, you might have rodents. 

4. Gnaw Marks 

Mice and rats love to chew, so if you find gnaw marks around the house, it’s time to call a professional. A rodent’s teeth are always growing so they need to chew to keep them filed down. You might find teeth marks on wood, cardboard and wires. When a rodent gets a hold of food, they’ll shred through the wrapping as well. If you have roof rats, look carefully at your eaves and you might see small bite marks. 

One of the most disgusting feelings is knowing that you’ve got rodents. If you find droppings, gnaw marks or hear noises at night, call a professional exterminator to end the problem for good.