Bachelorette Party 101: Basic Necessities for the Perfect Party

Planning a bachelorette party and wondering what you need to include? You’re not alone. Planning the best night out can be a challenge. Follow this guide for 3 easily overlooked areas when planning the perfect party.  

The Gifts  

You may not give a lot of thought to the gift bag for party-goers. However, you need to. Rather than rely on the usual staples, these gifts need to celebrate the bride rather than the receiver. Think about thematic gifts for the event. For example, for a spa day, you may want to do monogrammed robes. Whereas, for a Las Vegas night out, choosing to write your message on a t-shirt may be more fitting. Keep this in mind as you plan your bachelorette gifts. Before you give them, consider whether you want them planned as a surprise to the bride beforehand, or all at once for everyone to enjoy together.   

The Location 

Where you start your celebration has a huge impact on how the remainder of the party goes. Booking a hotel room that is far away from everywhere you want to go can be a logistical nightmare, and should be avoided. Rather, when making a plan for a party location, think about what activities you want to do as well as how you will get around. This will help guide you to the perfect party location. Before you make the reservations, be sure to double-check with the bridal party to ensure everyone’s availability on the dates. Additionally, do your research for what is in the area should anyone forget any items.    

The Food 

One of the biggest challenges for any party is choosing the food. You would be surprised how many different dietary restrictions are out there. To help you plan, send a message to everyone who is attending and double-check on any allergies, current diets and needs to ensure that all the potential requests are handled before the event. Additionally, do your research. Check with blogs and other sources to help you select a variety of venues. Not only will you have an amazing choice lined up, but back-ups should hunger strike again. As a final tip, it is always better to be over-prepared than not when it comes to food. 

Planning a party can be stressful. However, remember it is the details that make a difference. Whatever you plan, keep the bride in mind, and you’re sure to throw the perfect event. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself as well.