Benefits of Street Sweeping at Your Business

As a business owner, you put a lot of thought into marketing your product in order to get people in the door. Do you pay as much attention to your property as to your product? The appearance of your property can determine whether someone is even going to walk in the door. How do you ensure that you make a great first impression? One way is to hire a service to do street sweeping Everett. Here are three ways that street sweeping can benefit your business.

1. Make a Good Impression

When a potential customer pulls into your parking lot, what is the first thing they will notice? If you’re noticing a lot of trash on the ground, tree and leaf debris from a recent storm, and overflowing garbage cans, your customers will notice those things too. You won’t leave a positive impression on your customer. They could assume that because you haven’t put effort into maintaining the building space that you won’t do quality work for them.

2. Value Your Employees

Everyone likes to work somewhere where they feel valued. Caring for your building and its exterior demonstrates to your employees that you care about them. A clean and tidy exterior with power-washed sidewalks and tidy lawns and shrubs shows that you understand that it’s important for your employees to feel pride in the place they work. They want to drive by and feel proud of pointing out the building where they work, not ashamed because they have to make excuses for the outside and try to justify the product. A clean exterior also protects your employees’ property. A clean lot is easier to maintain when cracks or holes appear in the blacktop which could cause damage to an employee’s car.

3. Improve the Neighborhood

Peer pressure can be a good thing. By keeping your parking lot clean and your landscaping tidy, you set an example for other businesses near you. Peer pressure to make outdoor areas shine can spark change and motivate big changes in an area of your community. A clean outdoor area can also improve safety. When parking lots are clean, cars can’t run over debris and smash it or cause it to fly. No one will trip over anything walking down the sidewalk or stepping off a curb. 

Street sweeping doesn’t just push debris around. A street sweeping service cleans up debris, empties garbage cans, and pressure washes sidewalks and building exteriors to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward for your clients.