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How To Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning

In summer, it’s easy to be tempted to turn the AC on full blast. Running the air conditioner all day can get expensive. Energy-efficient options are available to reduce your need for AC and save on your electric bill. A few simple techniques are all you need to keep your home cool, naturally.

It’s a good idea to check your home’s insulation occasionally. If it’s too old, you could be wasting energy trying to keep your home at the ideal temperature. Check with a spray foam contractor to see if your insulation could use an update.

Create Cooling Pressure

Maximize cool airflow in your home by creating a cooling pressure gradient. Strategically open windows to use the direction of the wind to help move air through the house at night. Open bottom windows where the wind is likely to blow in. Then, open up the top windows on the opposite side. This takes advantage of the natural way hot air rises, facilitating its escape from your home. If there isn’t any wind but the air outside has cooled off, create your own with fans. Place fans blowing cool air into your home on lower windows while placing a fan blowing hot air out on top windows.

Change Your Sheets

Did you know that higher thread count sheets trap heat? Sleep cooler at night by swapping your sheets out for a more breathable thread count. Somewhere between 500 and 800 is optimal to maintain a soft texture while allowing body heat to escape. The type of thread also matters. Use cotton or bamboo thread sheets to feel cooler all night long. While you’re swapping out your sheets, consider swapping out your pillow. Buckwheat pillows allow for airflow, keeping your face cooler than traditional feather pillows.

Close the Blinds

Solar radiation through windows is responsible for as much as 30% of unwanted heat. Keeping your blinds closed can reduce the temperature increase caused by the sun. In fact, closing blinds on south- and west-facing windows results in house temperatures that are almost 20 degrees lower. The more sunlight your blinds are able to deflect, the more significant the temperature reduction you’ll experience. Consider adding blackout curtains can help if your current curtains let in too much light.

It’s possible to stay cool without turning on the air conditioning. Using these simple tips can reduce your energy bill while still keeping you comfortable during the hottest months of the year.