Mobile Businesses Taking Over the Marketplace

When you mention mobile businesses, most people immediately think of food trucks. That should be no surprise considering food truck sales have been steadily increasing every year since 2010. A lot of chefs and bakers have packed up their supplies and recipes to sell directly from their trucks. The trend has caught on because of the many advantages of operating from the road.

When you combine the cost of renting a business space and staffing it, the overhead costs can get overwhelming. In contrast, most trucks can be parked anywhere, even in your own driveway. Mobile businesses only have one or two employees, because that’s all they need.

Mobile businesses also have the ability to adjust to current trends. You can adapt quickly when your business is lean and flexible. If you’re having trouble getting customers, you can literally pack up and move to a new area. When people think an item will only be around for a limited time, they are more likely to buy it. This works to the advantage of mobile businesses.

For these reasons, mobile businesses have expanded outside of the food industry. Here are some businesses following the food truck craze and loving every second of it.

Dry Cleaning Services

Most customers do not spend a lot of time at their dry cleaners. Picking up the dry cleaning is usually a routine chore that gets passed to the least busy person in the family with a car. Imagine how nice it would be for your clothes to be picked up from your home or office and then dropped off clean. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? This is why dry cleaning mobile delivery has taken off as quickly as it has. Business owners can then keep their equipment anywhere, instead of renting expensive storefront space in busy shopping centers.

Clothing Boutiques

High-end clothing boutiques are bringing their favorite pieces to you. The shopping experience inside a mobile boutique is similar to a pop-up shop. Many have curated items displayed in renovated busses or retro campers. Customers are fully immersed in the brand and feel like they are on an adventure. Since the inventory is limited, only the most interesting pieces make the cut. This feeling of exclusivity goes a long way towards prompting customers to buy, buy, buy.

Pet Groomers

It’s no secret that some pets absolutely despise the car. So, there was no surprise when pet groomers took to the road. Animals are much less stressed and easier to work on when they aren’t on edge from a ride in the car. Many pet owners will even pay more for this service if it means they don’t have to fight with their pets.