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Tools to Help with Snow Removal

If you live in an area with lots of snow, you know how destructive those pretty, white flakes can be when they accumulate on your roof or in your driveway. Frozen gutters, increased weight on tree limbs, or a sheet of ice over your driveway all pose safety hazards to you and your family. For this reason, owning the right snow removal tools can be essential to protecting your property. Get to know the snow scale for your roof, keep a bag of salt in the garage, and keep an eye on the trees in your yard to make sure you don’t need to take quick action to prevent serious damage. 

Snow Shovel

One of the simplest snow tools you can own is a snow shovel. Don’t let its basic nature fool you, though. This might just be the most important tool you can own. A good ergonomic snow shovel is the right tool to use to clear all that snow out of your driveway, sidewalk, or front walkway. It can help you keep snow from sitting too long and packing down on cement paths and clear it away so no ice forms underneath. You can even purchase an attachment to add to the end of your shovel to make it easier on your back as you work.

Roof Rake

This is a must have if you live in an area with heavy snowfall that might damage your roof. Not only can the moisture from melting snow sneak in between your shingles and cause water damage, but the weight of a thick blanket of snow can also be too much for your roof and cause a collapse. A roof rake is similar to a snow shovel, but with the end facing down and the pole is much longer. This allows you to reach the device up onto your roof and drag packed down snow off onto the ground. It can be a tough job, but can also save you tons of money in roof repairs.

Ice Scraper

Finally, you’ll want to keep an ice scraper around so you can still access and drive your car in the snow. Ice scrapers allow you to melt and remove the thick layer of ice that might form on your windshield during a snow storm or freeze. Combine it with a broom to push loose snow off your car roof and windshield and you’ll be in business.