3 Causes of Industrial Fires

The National Fire Protection Association published statistics for industrial fires between the years 2011 to 2015. During that timeframe, roughly 37,910 fires occurred, leading to an estimated 1.2 billion dollars in property damage. While each disaster has its own factors, researchers find that certain factors play a hand in several events. The following are three ways your building could be at risk.

Your Property Handles Dangerous Chemicals

Factories may often contain numerous chemicals. Used to produce the manufacturing products or complete testing, these chemicals prove useful but hazardous. Mixed incorrectly, they could ignite and cause a chemical fire or explosion. They also have a high risk of interaction with heat; therefore, temperature control procedures should be created.

Work with employees to create safety protocols for how to use and store these items. Make sure they do not leave the designated work zones and prevent cross-contamination. Particularly combustible materials should be kept in a secured closet with only a few having access. Be sure that you also have monitors for gas leaks as well as these may not be detected visually or through smell until it’s too late. 

Your Electrical Wires Could Malfunction

Within the walls are electrical wires that keep your operations running. At times, these lines become exposed or frayed, conditions that could cause sparks. Furthermore, improper use of outlets and circuit boards could pull too much wattage into one room. These sources of overload should be minimized. 

Work with electrical experts to understand if you’re using the proper electrical safeguards. Install safety equipment, and have someone from fire protection services Orange County CA ensure that it functions.

Your Facility Experiences Equipment Failure or Misuse

When equipment runs for hours on end, it could encounter several issues. The metal heats up, increasing temperature and friction. If the parts continue to rub against each other, producing too much heat, a fire could break out. In addition, improper technology use could cause an explosion.

Hire a company to inspect and maintain the factory machinery routinely. With eyes regularly on the parts, owners have a better chance of stopping disaster before it happens. Replace parts as needed, and ensure everything is functioning correctly.

To reduce your company’s chances of a fire, be aware of how they are likely to start. Machinery, electricity and chemicals are vital to the success of many industrial businesses. These very things could cause potential destruction; therefore, understand how to use them appropriately and maintain safety procedures.