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4 Benefits of Working on an Offshore Oil Rig

Working on an oil rig can be a career that comes with many challenges, but also many benefits. There are many perks associated with working on an offshore oil rig, such as excellent pay and benefits, extended time off, the opportunity for career advancement and generous accommodations.

1. Extended Time Off

Shifts vary depending on the oil rig and the job worked, but many workers live and work on the oil rig for two weeks and then have the following two to three weeks off to relax. Other schedules can have staff members working for one week and then off for one week, while others may have workers on the rig for four weeks on and four weeks off. This allows workers to enjoy spending time driving around and flaunting their oilfield license plates with their friends and family members.

2. Career Advancement

Many of the jobs on an oil rig are challenging, as workers perform physical tasks in all types of weather conditions. However, there is plenty of opportunity for advancement, and many companies offer training programs to employees who wish to enhance their skills. Some of the jobs only require a high school diploma, allowing entry-level workers the chance to work their way up as they receive more education and training.

3. Salary and Insurance Benefits

People who work on an oil rig can expect to receive a good paycheck in exchange for their labor. Medical, dental and vision insurance are offered by most employers. Since the job is physical in nature, it makes sense that employees be covered so that they can continue to perform at high levels throughout their careers. Personal injury protection is also offered by some companies to cover workers in case of an accident.

4. Accommodations

Most of the offshore oil rig companies offer up excellent accommodations for workers. Many of the accommodations have been compared to four or five star hotel standards. Since shifts are very long, meals, laundry and other living expenses covered while on the rig, with staff on the rig who concentrate on the cooking and cleaning. There are also recreation areas available for workers to gather and socialize while playing games or watching television.

Anyone who is considering a career working on an oil rig should do research about the industry before making a decision. It is a good idea to talk to people who work in the industry to get advice about a viable career path and what to expect when working in different positions.