Benefits Of CNG Vehicles

When it comes to climate change, most people think that electric vehicles are the only way to go. However, the main issue with electric vehicles is that you have to have a charging station nearby in order to refill your vehicle with power. With an actual fuel source, you can extend the distance your vehicle can go. CNG is an environmentally friendly way to use a fuel source that is much better for the environment than that of gasoline or diesel. Let’s go over some of the benefits of CNG vehicles.


Natural gas is cheaper than that of diesel and gasoline. With the recent cng fueling station construction going on in our country, more people are becoming woke about how amazing CNG is. With more access to CNG, those that have been using this fuel enjoy the savings they get at the pump as opposed to their diesel and gasoline counterparts. 


When you fill up your vehicle at the pump, the higher the octane of the gas is, the better performance from your engine you will get. The highest octane of unleaded gasoline you can get at the pump is 91 octane. Natural gas has an octane of 130. This higher octane increases engine compression and overall performance, which allows engines to last much longer running on CNG. Since natural gas runs much cleaner, engines don’t get carbon buildup that they get running on gasoline or diesel, thus extending your engine life.


On a global scale, the market for CNG vehicles is massive. There are currently 15 million vehicles in operation worldwide, with the US being in the beginning phases of the CNG growth curve. Also, all natural gas used in America is produced in America. This simple fact means that we can self-sustain ourselves with this fuel type without having to leverage other countries for this resource. This can help our country economically by being able to produce all the natural gas we would need and start exporting this resource instead of importing it as we do with oil.

As you can see, natural gas is a fantastic alternative to gasoline and diesel. With higher octane and much lower emissions, this fuel source is the future of vehicles here in America. We could greatly cut down on the environmental impact that vehicles produce by switching to this fuel source, as well as helping vehicles to run longer and cleaner on CNG.