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Trucking is a fast-paced industry. In the business, commercial truckers are charged with getting their loads to their locations to meet demanding schedules. As a driver, you might feel it necessary to push speed limits in order to meet some deadlines. As a consequence, you face the possibility of being pulled over by state troopers and receiving a speeding ticket. a consequence that may result in your gaining points against your driving record. You can minimize the severity of an infraction by behaving properly when pulled over; here is how to respond when you encounter flashing police lights on the highway.

Think Rationally

Take a deep breath, recognizing you need to make sure not to act in a confrontational manner. Before this moment you should have gone over company procedures for handling this situation. Very often your company will provide legal assistance through small trucking companies group plans. Lawyers will be able to follow up and provide advice down the road; you have only to let the process proceed.

Stay Put

You may think it a friendly gesture to jump out of the truck and greet the office. The trooper may see this as an aggressive move, so stay seated. However, do take a moment to remove your sunglasses since their appearance can make you look intimidating, and roll down your window. During the ensuing conversation, the officer will want to see where your eyes are looking.

Minimize Movement

While seated, turn off your engine and keep your hands on the steering wheel until the police officer addresses you. You will be given the reason for being pulled over and asked to hand over your license, truck registration and freight documentation. If these papers are not in view, indicate to the officer where they are and that you will have to reach for them. Otherwise, your movements can be misconstrued since what you are reaching for may not be apparent.

Speak Calmly

During the ensuing conversation, reserve your dialog to only answering questions. Speak courteously and honestly. Avoid talking excessively since your words can be used against you if legal proceedings follow. If you feel it necessary, call your company lawyer, especially if the officer asks to search the truck‚Äôs cab. Keep in mind, state troopers can legally perform Department of Transportation inspections, which can result in further infractions.

Driving a commercial truck can be by turns peaceful and stressful. By focusing on a peaceful mindset, you can ensure you maintain a positive frame-of-mind when the day comes that a peace officer directs you to the side of the road.

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