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Different Types of Roofing Materials

Roofing is among the most critical decisions you need to make in a construction project. There are different kinds of roofing materials whose choice depends on the design of your house, cost, and the type of material used to make them. The kinds of IKO roofing include;

Metal roofing

Metal roofing is durable and can last up to six decades. Metal roofs come in panels that resemble tiles or slates. The connections are vertical, and due to their lightweight, they can be installed over the existing top. Metal roofs can be noisy during heavy downpours and may develop dents as a result of hail. The cost of a metal roof depends on the type of metal used.

Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles are strong and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are primarily used in regions with dry and warm climates characterized by strong winds and hurricanes. Clay and concrete tiles need additional support due to their heavyweight. When walking on, they are likely to break.

Asphalt shingles

It is the most common type of roofing material used in many construction projects. It is effective for use in all climatic conditions. IKO shingles are economical but may need repair after two decades. If you live in a region with hail and storms, using impact-resistant shingles for your home or commercial construction project is commendable.

Built-up roofing

It is a heavy roofing material that consists of layers of tar, asphalt, or aggregate and is ideal for flat roofs. These roofs are strong and are favorable where there is heavy foot traffic. During high temperatures, they may be sticky, making it difficult to remove debris compared to flat roofs.

What to consider when selecting a roofing material

You need to consider the cost of carrying out roof repairs before you settle for one type of roof. Ensure that you decide that you select a roofing material that is durable and easy to maintain to avoid costly repairs and maintenance.

The weight of roofing material also impacts effectiveness. Heavy roots are also durable, but it is vital to ensure that the existing structure can support the weight of roofing materials. You should be keen on the coating of roofs and avoid those with copper or zinc coats as the compounds contaminate water sources.

The best roof type depends on your budget, the style of the house, and the climatic conditions in your area. Consider seeking the expertise of a roofing contractor to discuss the best options for your home.