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Is it Cheaper to Rekey Or Buy New Locks?

If you wonder whether it is cheaper to rekey your locks, you have come to the right place. Rekeying locks is a quick and easy way to get a new key for your locks without buying new ones. In addition, you won’t be compromising your locks. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of rekeying locks.

Rekeying is cheaper than buying new locks.

When comparing the costs of replacing locks, rekeying is a good option for many homeowners. While it may seem expensive, rekeying is not the same as replacing the entire lockset, and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, rekeying may be your best bet. In addition, Rekeying costs less than replacing the whole lockset, and you only pay for the labor costs when a lock rekeying service orlando comes to your home.

Another reason rekeying is cheaper than buying new locks is because it is less costly than installing a completely new lock. This is because rekeying only involves replacing the inner cylinder of the lock, not the entire unit. As a result, locksmiths can pick up old locks and create multiple copies of a new key using specialized equipment. The process also reduces the risk of breaking a lock because the technician is less likely to have to replace the lock if it is not damaged.

Rekeying is quick and easy.

Rekeying is a simple process that involves changing the pins of a lock to a different combination. This prevents the wrong person from being able to unlock the door. To do this, you will need to have the old key nearby. You should also keep the new key for reference. Rekeying locks is an inexpensive way to improve security. 

To rekey your lock, make sure that the two locks in your home have the same brand and type of keyholes. This way, you will not have to worry about using two different keys to open the same door. You may also want to do it if you have a large family. This way, you can ensure that everyone has the same set of keys. You should also consider whether the same manufacturer makes the locks.

Rekeying does not compromise the reliability of the lock.

Rekeying your locks is an excellent way to add extra security to your front or back doors. This procedure involves swapping out old tumblers within the cylinder of your lock with new ones so that no one can access your door using the old key. It is essential after some maintenance, such as replacing a doorknob or upgrading exterior doors. In any case, rekeying is a secure and convenient way to update the security of your home.

Rekeying doesn’t affect the security of your lock. The number of pins in the lock cylinder determines how secure the lock is. A locksmith will replace the old pins with new ones corresponding to the new key. The resulting key has higher security and is thus preferred over replacement. Moreover, it is a relatively inexpensive alternative to replacing a lock since rekeying does not compromise the reliability of the lock.

Rekeying is time-consuming

Rekeying is a cost-effective solution for homeowners who don’t have time to replace their locksets. It is beneficial in cases where you lost the keys or moved into a new home. It ensures only the primary key holder has access to your home. This is beneficial if you have recently divorced or a roommate changes.

One disadvantage of rekeying is that you have to disassemble the lock. It’s difficult to replace all the lock parts without causing damage. In addition, the pins on the lock must match the new key grooves. Rekeying is best for homeowners who want to use one key for all locks. It will also help you reduce the number of keys on your key ring and save you from hunting for your lost key.

Rekeying does not guarantee security.

Rekeying is an excellent way to restrict access to a property. But rekeying does not guarantee security. It will not prevent someone from gaining access to a property if the key is lost, but it will make it harder for a burglar to break in. Also, rekeying does not guarantee security when the lock is warped, cracked, or damaged. Therefore, it may be a good idea to rekey locks for better protection.

Rekeying is a cheap and convenient way to reset key control. It declares all other keys useless and invalidates them. This makes rekeying an excellent option for new homeowners on a budget. However, it should not be confused with replacing the locks. Rekeying is a better option than replacing a lock. It is also a safe and inexpensive way to protect your property. The process is straightforward and is an excellent alternative to replacing the locks.