Pedestrian Safety Tips

As a pedestrian, you are especially vulnerable on the roadways. If you are in an accident, the chances are very high that you will suffer an injury.

While you cannot prevent all accidents, there are some things that you can do to protect yourself as much as possible and hopefully avoid an incident where you suffer an injury.

Use Sidewalks

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you should always use sidewalks when they are present. The sidewalks are in a space that is safe from traffic. They are for pedestrian use only and offer a barrier from traffic on the roads.

If there is not a sidewalk, then you should walk as close to the right side of the road as possible. You also want to walk facing traffic so that you can easily see when a vehicle is coming.

Obey Traffic Signals

You should adhere to traffic signals. Never cross a road unless the signal tells you that you can. Do not cross on a green light when traffic is moving across the roadway in front of you.

If there is not a signal, make sure to completely check for traffic coming from all directions before crossing. This includes cars turning right or left or coming out of parking lots.

Do Not Assume Cars Will Stop

While you generally have the right of way when crossing the road, you should never assume the actions of a vehicle coming towards you. You should move quickly across the road, and make sure that you return to the side of the road if you feel a car isn’t going to stop.

Many pedestrian accidents occur when cars do not see a pedestrian. So, you cannot assume the driver sees you. Even though the driver is responsible for paying attention to pedestrians, you have to look out for yourself.

Stay Alert

Above all else, when you are walking on or near roadways, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Many times, a pedestrian accident Orlando FL happens because the pedestrian was not paying attention. With the increased use of smartphones and other handheld devices, the number of accidents is on the increase because nobody is paying attention.

Stay Safe

You have to be in charge of your own safety when you are a pedestrian on roadways. You cannot rely on drivers to do the right thing or to keep you safe.