Pros and Cons of Ordering Graduation Caps and Gowns Online

Buying your graduation outfits does not have to break the bank. There are several ways you can save money on your outfits. Some of the options include renting the outfits, donating them to charity, and purchasing used ones. Renting outfits can also save you from storing them in a closet and can be easily laundered and re-used. Many retailers offer rental gowns too.

Cost-effective outfits

Jostens sells all-around graduation regalia and dedicates resources to graduating students during Grad Week. If you’re not on campus, you can order graduation products online for delivery by a certain date. Shipping charges apply, but you can save up to 25 percent on your graduation regalia by pre-ordering online. Some companies also offers graduation packages that include everything from the ceremony to the graduation celebration.

If you’re looking for a gown, consider buying recycled material. Some gowns, such as Oak Hall’s GreenWeaver, are made from 100-percent recycled plastic bottles. This way, you can do your part for the environment while giving the gown to a charity. You can also make a donation of your unused gown to a thrift store or school to reduce its waste. Many companies are starting to offer recycled and biodegradable gowns for your grad party.

Environment-friendly outfits

Graduates who care about the environment can buy or rent environmental caps and gowns. These gowns are made of lightweight polyester material and feature wide bell sleeves and a full front zipper. They are sold with matching stretchy elastic band caps that fit most head sizes. Graduates can also choose to compost their gowns after their graduation ceremony. Some stores sell gowns in black matte. Tassels and other accessories can be purchased separately.

Eco-friendly gowns and caps are becoming increasingly popular as students realize that these items are environmentally friendly. For example, the Elements line of eco-friendly graduation regalia from Jostens uses natural wood from sustainably managed forests. These gowns can decompose in soil within a year, meaning less of them end up in landfills. The UMW ecology club also supports the green movement and wants to provide students with options to rent or reuse gowns.

In the 1990s, the majority of caps and gowns were recycled. Graduates rented gowns and returned them for reuse the following year. Today, however, many graduates do not want to take the time to return a gown and wash it. Additionally, it costs the environment to purchase and manufacture gowns made of plastic bottles. However, there are many benefits to choosing eco-friendly caps and gowns. It’s worth researching the differences between recycled and non-recycled caps and gowns.

Renting outfits

Students are looking for more affordable ways to purchase and wear graduation caps and gowns. Many of these websites offer graduation packages that include everything from gowns to tassels. All you need to do is choose the style and size that best suits you, and you’re good to go. Some sites even have special graduation options for kids. For example, if you’re graduating from elementary school and don’t want to purchase your own cap and gown, renting can save you money.