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Self Defense Tips for Women

Most women know the discomfort of being alone, especially at night, and noticing a man nearby who might pose a threat. If you’ve had this experience, the good news is that you can do something about it. Learning ways to protect yourself is a great investment of your time. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Don’t Look Like a Target

Self-defense experts will tell you that carrying yourself with confidence can be enough to put off many would-be threats. A person who is looking for someone to victimize wants an easy target. Hold your head high, make it obvious that you’re paying attention to your surroundings, and walk purposefully. Another tip is to put your phone away. These days we can all become easily distracted by the alluring technology we carry in our pockets. Looking at your phone makes it impossible to be aware of the people around you, making you more attractive to a predator.

Carry a Defense Weapon

Some women choose to carry pepper spray or other non-lethal protective devices with them. Others opt to carry a concealed handgun. In either case, you’ll need a way to safely carry your weapon in a way that makes it quick and easy to access should you need it. For handguns especially, women’s bodies are differently proportioned than men’s bodies, making traditional holsters unsuitable for most women. Thankfully there are now concealed carry options for women that offer safe and convenient ways to carry your handgun with you.

Learn a Few Defense Moves

Ideally, you will keep yourself aware of your surroundings and avoid any type of confrontation. Most women are never going to train enough to become good fighters. That said, if you do find yourself facing someone who is threatening physical assault, it can be helpful to have a few basic moves to fall back on. Taking a local, in-person self-defense class is a great way to learn how to react to physical threats. In general, you will want to first adopt a fighting stance. That alone might be enough to scare off an attacker. Knowing how to hit with the heel or edge of your hand is another great tool. 

Women should invest some time into learning to protect themselves in unsafe situations. Taking your security into your own hands can help keep you from becoming a crime victim. Just knowing that you’re capable of protecting yourself can help you go through life with more confidence.