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Electronic devices, like computers, laptops and phones, are being improved at an extraordinary rate. New versions come out almost monthly, and many people scramble to have the latest improvements. But, what happens to the old devices? In many cases, people toss them directly into the trash. Landfills are unfortunately filling up with these dangerous discarded items. However, there is a much safer option. These items can be responsibly recycled. Recycling services Fort Lauderdale FL are increasingly available. Recycling electronics are a much better option for the health of the planet and your own security. 

Information Theft

Many people recognize the danger of throwing away financial statements. They may shred personal documents and cut up old bank cards in an effort to protect themselves. There is no difference when you are discarding old phones or laptops. Theives are not above digging in your trash to find valuable information. Finding an old device is like hitting the jackpot. Information on your computer is not completely gone when it is deleted and put in the trash folder, even if you follow up by emptying the trash folder. Information on the hard drive is much harder to erase. Professionals at a certified recycling company know how to scrub this data from your electronics

Toxic Chemicals 

Electronics contain many toxic chemicals. These include lead, arsenic, cadmium, beryllium and mercury. When devices get thrown in the trash, they end up in a landfill. Over time, the electronics break down, and those toxic substances leach into the ground. Those dangerous chemicals end up polluting the soil and groundwater and can poison crops, farm animals and people. Children are especially susceptible to this type of pollution. Many states have banned the disposal of electronics or e-waste.

Raw Materials

Electronics contain raw materials that can be reused and repurposed, including valuable metals. Reusing raw materials saves energy and natural resources. It reduces the amount of pollution and production waste created by mining new materials. Landfill space is saved when materials are reused. The process of gathering and repurposing raw materials also creates jobs. It was estimated in 2019 that recycling one million cell phones would recuperate over 36,000 pounds of reusable raw materials. 

Recycling e-waste is a smart way to protect your information and prevent theft. It is especially good for the environment as well. Although these recycling services used to be difficult to take advantage of, it is increasingly easy to find. There is no excuse not to dispose of your e-waste responsibly. 

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