Top Things to Know About Filling Machines

If you are a business owner in the market for filling machines and equipment, it’s important to know more about how the process works as well as what to consider and watch out for. Whether you’re working with paint or other chemicals to be filled, if you know what to look for early in the process, you will be better prepared to find a filling system that best meets your needs. Read on to find out the top things to consider when investing in filling machine equipment.

Fill Volumes

While this may seem like the most obvious part of filling containers, it’s critically important when making decisions on other related factors. Your fill volume requirements will affect your metering systems and your product viscosity, among other things. Depending on the industry that you are working in, there may also be some fill accuracy requirements you have to meet in order to stay up to date to standards in the industry. Before investing in any drum filling machinery, make sure you have a really firm knowledge of what your fill volumes should be.

Container Types

When looking into different filling machines, it’s very important to know what kind of containers you’re going to be filling. For instance, using plastic or glass containers may change how you fill, as would the shape of the container – square, round, short, tall etc. Also, the size of the opening of the container is another very important factor to consider. You’ll want to sit down and make a list of questions like this and the answers before consulting with a filling machine manufacturer.


The type of product you’re looking to fill with may be the most important thing you consider. If your product is more watery, semi-watery, or very thick will matter when looking for equipment. You may also find there are some major limitations on the equipment you can use based on the product viscosity. Once you’ve identified the viscosity of what you’re working with, you’ll be in a much better position to make a decision.

Metering Systems

When it comes to filling and metering systems there are an assortment of different kinds. For instance, there are some that use pistons, flow, peristaltic and more. If your needs require a changeover to new product recipes, you’ll also want to consider that when picking metering systems. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be picking between semi-automatic solutions, fully automatic systems, hand-held systems and intermediate full line automated systems.