3 Things That Can Increase the Value of a Handgun

Handguns have come a long way since the hand cannons of the 13th century that sported bulbous bases serving as chambers for gunpowder. Today, handguns can be fully customized to fit the personality of the owner while becoming more functional and accurate than ever. Increasing the durability, performance and accuracy of these firearms can add to their value even more than focusing on aesthetics alone.

Before making any customizations to a handgun, it may be helpful to fully research the benefits and drawbacks of the original equipment manufacturer, OEM parts such as Sig Sauer factory parts for sale and available aftermarket parts. It is particularly important to be aware of scams and inferior parts offered at unrealistically low prices.


Unsightly wear and tear from repeated use can decrease the value of a handgun. It is not unusual for revolvers and pistols to develop wear patterns, scratches, scuffs and other damage. Much of this disfigurement results from frequent use, particularly to those pieces that are concealed when carried. There are ways to prevent this type of damage, including the application of special hard-coat finishes that offer protection and a buffer between the piece and its environment.


There are a lucky few gun owners whose hands fit perfectly with the stock grips. However, this is not the case for the majority of people, and a custom grip can contribute significantly to an improvement in value. The right grip can provide better functionality and accuracy. A custom grip is a relatively inexpensive addition to a handgun that can offer easier handling and improved control. As a result, fitted grips can enhance the overall accuracy. When shopping for a grip, consider a tough and long-lasting material such as solvent-resistant rubber treated with a durable finish.


The stock sights that come with most pistols or revolvers are sufficient for many uses, but an upgrade can improve the field of vision and provide more value through better accuracy. Sights are available for many different situations, including those for night use and ones that shine a red dot on the target as often portrayed in movies. Attaining a proper range of vision picture more rapidly can increase accuracy.

Some handgun customizations do not require much money, while others can become quite expensive. Improvements that increase durability, functionality and accuracy may offer the most return on investment. Strong finishes that prevent unsightly blemishes, tailor-made grips for better control and high visibility sights for increased accuracy can all contribute to the worth of a handgun.