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Surprising Certifications You Can Get Online

The internet is an amazing place. It houses all of the world’s information, can get you a meal in a matter of moments, and contains more cute cat videos that your heart can handle. If you’re looking for a better use of your time online, you might consider getting yourself certified.

There are hundreds of potential certifications you can get online. These are a few that you probably didn’t know about and probably wouldn’t have guessed were available. Maybe one is right for you.


Yes, online firefighter training is a real thing. In fact, there are several levels of certification available to you from driver operator/pumper to fire/arson inspector. If you live in Texas and want to get involved in the field of career firefighting and emergency medical services, this is a great place to start.

The firefighter course from Fire in Texas consists of 12 weeks of self-paced online work followed by 14 days of hands-on skill sessions before you can test for your certification.

Dog Psychologist

That is right, dog psychology. Open College in the UK offers dozens of certification programs and courses from Interviewing Skills to Traditional Chinese Medicine. But among the most popular of their offerings is Dog Psychology.

The course is billed as the ideal training for dog owners, pet trainers, or anyone who wants to see into the minds of their canine friends.


Not only can you become an officially recognized knight, but you have other options, as well. You can become a dame, a Count, or a Countess of the sovereign nation-state of Sealand for just a few hundred dollars. Sealand, located 6 miles east of Britain’s shores, may not be recognized by any other nation, but does that matter?

Beer Judge

If beer is your thing and you enjoy traveling around the country to attend beer festivals every year, this might be a great option for you. Why not turn that passion into something more. The Beer Judge Certification Program has trained thousands of beer judges all over the world and their members have judged millions of beers.

Jump into this program and turn your affinity for beer into something more.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Next time you find yourself surfing the internet in the late hours, instead of aimlessly scrolling through your ex’s Facebook page, find a certification program and enrich your life.