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3 Types of Gun Holsters

In today’s world, more and more people are choosing to carry a firearm. Carrying a handgun is a good idea as you never know what might happen while you are out and about, but it’s important to get the right equipment so that you can safely carry your weapon. A good quality gun holster can ensure your safety and the safety of all those around you. It also allows you to carry your weapon in comfort, where it can be easily accessed. 

There are many different types of gun holsters on the market today. Standard methods of concealed carrying remain popular; a variety of traditional waist holsters available on the market. However, as the groups of people who concealed carry have grown in diversity, so have the unique ways in which one can carry his/her weapon in a safe manner.

Clothing Holster

There are many types of unique clothing holsters that can fit your concealed carry needs. From hidden pockets in body shapewear to more traditional leather Desantis holsters, there are many great options. Some have gun storing options in pockets that are sewn into the clothing itself, and others use various straps of leather or material to hold the gun securely in place. Guns can be stored under arms, on your back, or in the seams of your pants.. You should always try on the clothing holsters to determine the right fit for you and to see if the gun can be accessed quickly and easily. 

Purse Holster

If you are a woman, another unique way to conceal your firearm is to store it in a specialized purse holster. Women’s clothing traditionally isn’t as baggy as men’s clothing, sometimes leading to an obvious outline of a gun when the gun is slipped into its clothing holster. This has caused holster manufacturers to think outside the box, developing entire lines of purses, backpacks, and other totes in which your firearm can be transported. 

Ankle Holster

An ankle holster is a great option for anyone who wants their weapon to be convenient and easily accessible. An ankle holster is strapped to the lower part of your leg and can be covered by pants or long dresses, ready to be grabbed when you need it for protection. 

Many holsters on the market today are safe and convenient, and the options for carrying your concealed weapon are vast. Be sure to do your research to know what type of holster is the best fit for you.