7 Items to Remember When Moving Your Residence or Business to Another Location

Moving your business to another state can almost be like starting from scratch. There was probably much thought that went into your decision. There might be a great opportunity to expand, or perhaps your spouse just got a new job across the country. Whatever your motivation, here are seven items to add to your moving checklist. 

1. Choose Your New Site

This will take some time and research to determine your new location. You will consider available space, neighborhood pros and cons, local policies and costs. Contact a commercial realtor that specializes in your type of business. 

2. File Legal Documents

If your company is an LLC, then it is most likely set up for the state where you currently live. Check with a business attorney or accountant to file all the necessary documents. Your current legal documents may just need to be amended, but it might be more complicated than that. If you’re leaving the country and going south then you’ll need to fill out a Mexico visa application. You will also need to get a new driver’s license once you arrive.

3. Notify Everyone

Make sure to notify your clients, utility companies, family and friends of your new address. You will also need to fill out a change of address form for the IRS. Don’t forget, this is a great time to use your move as a marketing opportunity. Let your new neighbors be aware of your business — you might meet some new customers next door!

4. Sell or Transport Equipment

Evaluate the cost of moving your company furnishings and office equipment across the country. If you are relocating to a nearby state, then renting your own moving truck and keeping your furnishings will make sense. However, if you are heading across the country, it might cost less to sell your equipment and purchase new items after you arrive.

5. Move Your Vehicle

You may be leasing your car, or it may be provided by your company. In order to reduce the wear and mileage on your car, you might consider corporate vehicle transport

6. Track Deductions

Keep track of all your business expenses incurred with your change of location. Keep your receipts and ask your accountant which items are deductible. 

7. Find Your New Residence 

Through all the company decisions, you will also be making choices of where to live in your new state. You may choose to rent for a while until your business is settled and profitable.

Make that checklist and mark off each item as you complete it. One step at a time will keep you from being overwhelmed. Good luck!