Benefits Offered by Microneedling

Are you looking for a way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with minimal downtime? If so, it may be time to consider microneedling. This is a fast and almost painless procedure that will help you get younger, firmer, and smoother skin.

Getting to Know Microneedling

This process is also called collagen induction therapy. When you invest in skin renew microneedling RF, it will induce collagen production while strengthening your epidermis. The professional technician will use a wand with fine needles. When it is moved over your skin, the needles will cause micro “injuries” in your skin, which triggers the synthesis of new collagen. Every one of these micro “injuries” will create a channel that causes your body to produce new elastin and collagen to fill in the microscopic wound. There are no serious side effects, and the results are seen quickly.

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Losing collagen and elastin can cause sagging skin, facial wrinkles, and thinning skin. With microneedling, the natural production of collagen and elastin is encouraged, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. With this, you can achieve younger-looking skin with minimal downtime. Your wallet will appreciate this, too. The procedure isn’t as expensive as light or laser treatments, either.

Improves the Appearance of Scars

With microneedling, you have a procedure that is known to diminish the look of acne and surgical scars. The procedure can break down the old tissue while triggering new collagen and elastin production to show healthier skin.

Reduces Look of Stretch Marks

It’s extremely difficult to treat stretch marks. In fact, there are very few cosmetic treatments that will improve how they look. With microneedling, though, the appearance of stretch marks can be reduced. This is especially the case when you combine it with other types of laser treatments like fraxel.

Prevents the Signs of Aging

Microneedling is a powerful and effective treatment that will help halt the early signs of aging. It can also help prevent new fine lines and wrinkles from occurring. When this is combined with the ongoing use of correcting serums, the procedure can brighten your skin and help create that youthful glow you want. You won’t get the same effective with other cosmetic products or at-home treatments.

If you are trying to achieve younger-looking, healthier skin, then microneedling may be the solution you are searching for. This treatment is a smart option for people of all ages and something worth trying.