How Can Key Fob Audits Make Your Condo or Apartment Building Safer?

An electronic access system for a residential building is a big help in promoting building security. Managers can disable keys as soon as they learn about unauthorized use, and they can control what areas of a building residents will have access to. However, managers need to be conscientious about periodically auditing their access control systems to ensure that they are serving the building effectively. Here are some important reasons to routinely audit your building’s access control records.

Identify Nonworking Entry Points

If you can see on an audit that an entry point is never being used, it may indicate that the area isn’t secure. The door may simply be unlocked all the time, or you could have a faulty or disconnected sensor in the fob reader. If you need help with access control systems Orlando, reach out to a service company that is experienced in serving buildings in your area.

Verify That Units Do Not Have More Keys Than They Should

It’s common for buildings to place restrictions on how many key fobs a unit may have at once. When you audit your system, you can see a report of how many fobs are assigned to each unit. You can also find out if they are all being used or if some are simply lost and need to be deactivated. You don’t need to have a fob present to deactivate it.

Remove Fob Access for People Who Have Moved Out

Typically, you should remove fobs from your system as part of a move-out checklist. However, it’s understandable that you might occasionally forget. An audit can help you catch any move-outs that you may have overlooked.

Confirm That Residents Aren’t Giving Fobs Out

If your building has a policy that contractors cannot use residents’ fobs, being able to audit the system can help you verify that residents are following the rule. You can see what entry point a fob was used to open and at what time if you suspect that residents are loaning out fobs.

Ultimately, you should take full advantage of the audit and reporting functions from your access control system. If your current software has limited capabilities or you’re not sure about how to use them, you may want to think about an upgrade. An access control system’s software should be intuitive to use so you can quickly access the information that you need to keep your building safe.